Do maratonu Pozostało


Insurgent’s Ultramarathon 1944-2021

In the 77 th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, along the demanding 63-km route, the participants, individually or in relay teams (2 to 7 persons), will have to complete the “uprising courier” route and pass check points and relay points related to the historical trail of Fighting Poland.

With each year, this exceptional run is gaining recognition. In 2016, almost half a thousand runners honoured the Warsaw Uprising. With commitment of the residents, we have created an event that has become the mark of our commune, combining love of sport, cultivating historical memory and integration of villages.

The Insurgent’s Ultramarathon has become a brand of our pride. We want to share what is best in our commune, so we are happy that so many persons join our events, which gives us the opportunity to promote our Commune in a unique way.

Distance: 63 km (each km for each day of Warsaw Uprising)

Date: Sunday, August 1st 2021

Entry fee: 60 pln

The following is included in the entry fee:

  • event medal, winner’s medal, team winner’s medal
  • water, energy meal (during race and at the end)
  • a bracelet that runners will be issued with and must wear in the competition to gain access to the facilities available
  • surveillance and security measures
  • showers (divided by gender) and shelter for changing
  • toilet facilities
  • services of a doctor and nursing staff



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